Review: Too Cool For School – Dinoplatz Lip Balm

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Ok, can we give two seconds to admire this adorable packaging? Not going to lie, this was a random purchase to fill up my Sephora cart to get the free shipping, plus I couldn’t resist to this cute dinosaur themed packaging. But never would I have known that this product would be with me every single day!

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Review: Laneige Skin Veil Base EX in Purple

I have always been a fan of Laneige products. I have tried their skincare products, bb cushion, lipstick and face primer. And today, I want to review on the last product that I mentioned: Laneige Skin Veil Base EX in the color No.40 Light Purple. Since the day I watched a tutorial by Bubzbeauty, I always wanted to try a purple primer.


This product has been great to conceal out the yellow undertone of my skin to make it brighter. It has a creamy texture, but it is quite dry. So usually, Continue reading “Review: Laneige Skin Veil Base EX in Purple”


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Remember a while ago, when weird and animal sheet masks were in? Well I decided to purchase this box of otter masks from a Korean brand, SNP, to test it out and review it.

In my opinion, the design of the otter mask is the cutest among the SNP masks. The brand offers a selection of eight different animal masks: Continue reading “REVIEW: THE OTTER MASK”

Review: ibuybeauti website


A few months ago, I discovered this website called while I was doing a research on websites selling korean skincare/makeup shipping to Canada. After ordering twice, it became the website I suggest to my friends.


  • Great variety of korean skincare, makeup and sometimes makeup tools
  • Have most of my favourite brands such as Innisfree, VDL , Laneige, HERA, Nature Republic, It’s Skin, Sulwhasoo, Holika holika, Peri pera, Skinfood and many more
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping  on order over 50$ (plus 2.50$ for a tracking number) if it’s less, the shipping fee is calculated according to the weight
  • 100% refund for lost packages (after 45 days after the date you placed the order)
  • TAKES ALL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ISSUES CAUSED BY CUSTOMS (OMG can you believe that?) This means that if your order is seized by customs, they will give you a refund OR if you’re charged with extra customs fees, they will pay you back by showing them the receipt.
  • Great customer service! if you have any question about the product whether is to ask when it’s back in stock or which color matches your skintone, don’t hesitate to ask them. Someone will answer you within a few days
  • Give free samples( who doesn’t like free stuff haha)


  • The free shipping method will take around 3 weeks( but if it’s free then it’s worth waiting right 😉 )
  • Some products take longer to restock
  • Some products have only one general image which is not enough to see if the product is really what you want


I really recommend this website if you’re a fan of korean beauty products because I’m always satisfied of my purchases, but if you know other websites shipping to Canada, please share with me 🙂 And please stay tuned for reviews of what Caro and I bought.

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Keep calm & slurp your ramen – ICHIRAN EDITION

There is so much food in Japan and they all look so delicious. What should you try first?

of course RAMEN!!!

Ichiran ramen is one of the top places you must hit first. If you go to places like Tokyo or Osaka there are always a lineup outside.

Ichiran entrance – picture taken by Cath

First, when you get in, you order your food with the vending machines. You pay and click on what you want. It’s as easy as it sounds! If you are not sure whether you ordered enough or not, it’s okay,  you can still add more when you’re in the dining room. After getting your meal tickets, go find a vacant spot (usually someone will guide you).

Ichiran vending machine – picture taken by Yuhui (
picture taken from GajinPot in Lynda Deaver’s article

Ichiran has made the dining experience more enjoyable for those who goes alone by separating each spot with a little wall, but if you’re with someone you can fold it into half. Once you seat down, you need to fill a paper to customize your ramen. You can mark your preference for each component of the ramen. For example, you can choose the firmness of the noodles, the amount of green onions, the level of spiciness, the flavor strength, etc. They have a English and Chinese version of the paper so don’t worry. Now, you are ready to ring the bell and slide the paper & your meal ticket to the staff through the window in front you. They come and shut the window right away so you won’t be bothered. If the thirst hits you up, you can find on your left a water tap to serve yourself a glass of water (super convenient!).

Tonkotsu ramen- picture taken by Cath

itadakimasu!   Time to enjoy your  Tonkotsu ramen~

What’s so special about it?

Fresh green onions on the left, 2 sliced of pork on the right and Ichiran’s original red sauce on top of the home-made fresh noodles in the middle mixed with the Tonkotsu broth( pork-based broth) make a perfect combination. Each mouthful is filled of richness and collagen from the broth, which is good for your health and skin. If one serving is not enough, you can order a second serving called a 替玉 (kaedama). You can also order other stuff like eggs or more slices of pork.

When I was there I had the chance to taste their dessert: Matcha annin tofu (Not sure , but I think they either don’t have it everytime or they have a limited supply). The tofu pudding was great; mildly sweet and very soft.

Matcha annin tofu – picture taken by Cath

I had a great experience and hope to see more restaurants like this in North America.

Comment below for any questions or tell us about your experience at any Ichiran shop!

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Review: Fancl Cleansing Oil


Do you agree that cleaning your face with oil sounds really crazy? But guess what, it is the best thing ever. Of course I’m talking about cleansing oil, not the cooking oil. Ever since I tried my first cleansing oil bottle, it became an essential product in my cleansing routine. The one that I tried first is Fancl’s Mild Cleansing Oil. This is a Japanese brand and it is the all time number 1 on the Cosme ranking. Continue reading “Review: Fancl Cleansing Oil”