Rest In Peace

 It’s 3:47 PM and I just suddenly wanted to write down the thoughts that I had today. Last week, my facebook newsfeed was flooded with posts about Christine Grammie’s death and the Orlando shooting. It is really sad to see a such young star die this way and all lives taken away during the massive shooting. I’m really confused. Why would someone decide to take away somebody else’s life?

What’s more devastating is  that I also learned that an ex coworker passed away because of brain hemorrhage. I wasn’t really close to him, but it was still heartbreaking for me to hear about this saw news. At first,when I saw his friends posting stuffs saying RIP my bro or how confused they are that he left them without a goodbye. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I thought it must be some kind of troll. I thought he can’t be dead because he is young. But…there’s no such a thing as being too young to die. I realized how short life can be until I see the things happening around my entourage.

From the bottom of my heart, I really wish he can rest in peace and I hope people can learn from these tragic events. Enjoy every second of your life and take care of yourself. No one knows when it will be their last moment alive.

Take care!





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