Exquisite oils – Shu Uemura

image1Shu Uemura is really well-known for their cleansing oils and I always wanted to try some of it. I did get a small sample of the latest cleansing oil ultime8 sublime during my last purchase on their website. Every year around this may/ june, I am very sensitive to the environment with all the pollen flying around and my skin is really bad because of my allergies. So, I tried their cleansing oil during this time because I was afraid to use other cleansers I have at home that might irritate my skin.

This cleansing oil is really awesome in removing all make-up & impurities and my skin is a lot smoother after using it. I love the feeling that my skin is well moisturized with all the 8 exquisite botanical origin oils. Some cleansers can really strip the moisture out, making the skin stiff. It did not irritate my skin (combination skin & sensitive) because it is made for global skin concerns. So, whether you have sensitive skin, oily skin, normal skin or combination skin, you can use it with no problem. The smell is nice and the oil emulsifies easily.

Everything is great, but the price is quite expensive for a student like me. I would get a full size bottle if my financial situation allows me to haha.


Thank you for reading, see you on the next one! 😘


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