Sugar: Advanced Therapy – Fresh

Fresh - Advanced therapy


It’s summer girls, time to show off our luscious lips! 💋  Chapped lips are always a big annoyance. I’ve already tried several brands of lip balms such as Vaseline, Nivea, Maybeline (baby lips), Eos and many others. I like them all; they all moisturize my lips well, but I had to reapply every 30 to 60 minutes in order to keep my lips out of dryness.

My first encounter with the Fresh lip balm was a while ago; I noticed Cath using a cool lip balm I’ve never seen before and asked about it. She said that it is really moisturizing and prevents dryness better than the other brands. Every time she uses it, she confirms that it works extremely well. Being sold to her review, I purchased the Fresh’ “sugar go mini trio”: Advanced therapy, Rosé and Tulip.

I’ve been using the advanced therapy for two weeks now and it is on me 24/7. It is indeed as good as Cath mentioned. It is definitely more expensive than a normal lip balm, but with the results that it gave, it is worth the money.

The product itself is a remarkable work with assured results. The packaging itself is sleek, which I adore. 🔥  To add on, it is not like any other lip balm we’ve used. Instead of a plastic packaging, Fresh used a metal based one and rather then just normally opening the cap of a lip balm, Fresh’ innovative lip treatment product requires the cap to be twisted and then be opened. Isn’t it interesting?

I was fascinated by this made in France product and will definitely buy the full sized lip balm once I’m done with the three minis.


For those who tried it, what are your thoughts on it?

Don’t forget to protect your lips from the sun as well!

Thank you for reading, see you on the next one! 😘


– Caro –

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